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Customized Knives


During the past years I have built several knives on the excellent Fällkniven blades. Most of them have been slightly modified in the handle part of the full tang blades. Fällkniven blades are convex ground from stainless VG10 steel (solid and laminated versions) and are of extremely high quality. Standard Fällkniven knives are delivered from the factory with Thermorun handles (rubbery plastic material), but if you want a more fancy and good looking knife with specially selected hardwoods or other handle materials, you are more than welcome to contact me for a customisation job. I usually only work with new bladeblanks directly from Fällkniven. Below you'll see examples of a few of the knives that I have made using Fällkniven bladeblanks.


Fällkniven WM1




Fällkniven F1




Fällkniven H1


Fällkniven S1


Fällkniven A1





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