Hi, and welcome to my website!
My name is Gerd Jørgensen. I was born in Denmark, and brought up there and in eSwatini (Swaziland) in Southern Africa. Today I live in Norway, where I make knives and do freelance work as a guide and bushcraft instructor in both
Scandinavia and Africa.

I was about 5 years old when I got my first personal knife, which I treasured more than anything else, and I carried it with me on all my childhood adventures. 

Even at that young age I was a keen hobbyist, making stuff with my hands, and at age 9 I made my first crude (very!) knife out of an old saw blade. 

It was nothing fancy to look at – handle was made of a piece of cord wrapped around the tang and then gaffataped. Sharpness was questionable, but it still was a great chopper, and I was one proud maker. Today I still use gaffatape for some applications, but definitely not for knife handles…instead I prefer to find and use all sorts of beautiful woods to use in my knives. I just love the beauty of wood and other natural materials.



I am currently not taking new orders for knives, but will from time to time have something available. Photos of available knives will be posted on the "Available" page.

Last knife made was a
fulltang Small Game Hunter in carbon steel (C75S). Snakewood handle, stainless Corby bolts. Black leather sheath. Total length 20 cm, blade length 8,5 cm. Scandi grind. Knife is SOLD!

For more photos of past work - the different types of knives, and other stuff that I make please go to the gallery page, or click on the button below.

The building process


All my knives are made by hand, in my own personal style and design. All sticktang knives are individual and no two knives are exactly alike, but on my fulltang knives, I usually use patterns developed and refined through several years' experience.

I usually start my sticktang knives by looking at what materials I have available at the time, and then jotting down a few lines on paper in order to visualise a design. As I start preparing and work with the selected materials, I might change and refine the selected design somewhat in order to gain the effect that I want.
My fulltang knives are made, with a somewhat locked shape according to the pattern used. These patterns have developed through inspiration from classic knifepatterns through time, and then adapted and refined in order to fit my own personal preference and ideas of knife design.

I also do modifying and customisation of selected factory knives of high quality, like Fallkniven and a few others. Apart from the blades these are made and finished in the same way as my own knives.

I absolutely love the beauty of wood and other natural materials, and make an effort to find and select the best and most beautiful materials available. In my sticktangs I mainly use pure natural wood, but on fulltang knives I prefer to use stabilised and resin impregnated wood, or at least very dense hardwoods, in order to make the handle as stable as possible.

Blades are mainly ground by myself from flat stock in either carbon or stainless steel, but on traditional Scandinavian knives (“tolleknive”), I may also use handforged blades from a few select blacksmiths who forge and laminate blades in the traditional Norwegian style.
I used to send blades away to be heat treated, but these days hardening and tempering are “in house” with a
digitally controlled Evenheath knifemakers kiln.

Blades are usually sanded to a satin finish. Handles are sanded to a smooth finish, then oiled and wax polished using caranauba wax.

Sheaths are wetformed to each knife individually, then dried and impregnated with a specially formulated wax polish.



I use primarily two types of steel in my knives; a carbon steel C75S, and stainless steel RWL34. But I may at times also use Damasteel of different patterns, Sandvik 12C27 and Böhler 720 (O2). All hardware such as bolts and thong tubes for my fulltang knives are of the Corby type, but I may at times also use the Loveless type.



I prefer to use all natural materials in the handles of my knives. I mainly use specially selected woods, but will also combine this with bone, horn and different metals like silver, pewter and brass. I also use manmade materials like micarta or G10 in some of my fulltang knives.



I make pouch style sheaths and traditional scandi sheaths depending on the knife each sheath is made for. All my sheaths are made of 2,5-4mm vegetable tanned leather or 2-3mm half tanned leather. Each sheath is handstitched and individually fitted to the knife it is made for.



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